The Early Bird Gets The Perfect Lawn!

By: Shane Van Moorsel, April 27, 2020

The Spring is one of the best time to spread lawn seed to fill in those open areas that have been worn away in the winter, to thicken up an existing area, or even to start a new lawn. The cooler temperatures help the seed through its dormancy and to germinate more quickly when the weather gets warmer. We carry the freshest grass seed in town produced by the Ontario Seed Company. There are three varieties, one seed for shady areas, one that is, by far, the best mix around, called the supreme mix, and a third which is a more economical solution for large yards called the Economy mix.   We also carry an assortment of products for you to achieve your perfect lawn and these include:     Soil Testing

Turf Revolution Soil Testing and Recommendations.

In addition to the balances fertility program recommended, the professional lab analysis will identify your soil's deficiencies. Based on deficienies and imbalances in your lawn we will recommend to you exactly what products to use, to help your lawn become healthy, thick and lush.

Time Sav'r Topdressing TM 

Pelletized compost & bag of 100% certified grass seed blend.

Top Dresser's Delight is an organic pelletized compost from leaf & yard trimmings for top-dressing. Also contains a 1kg bag of 100% certified grass seed blend. The compost is easy to apply with a fertilizer spreader.

9 kg. (19.8 lbs.) Pelletized Compost 1kg. (2.2 lbs.) 100% Certified Seed Blend Coverage: 69m2 (750 sq. ft.)   Green Revival TM  8-1-6

Summer Fertilizer

A plant-based slow releasing nitrogen ans potassium source. This balanced fertilizer will provide the essential nutrients to feed lawns through the hot summer months and make the lawn the envy of the neighbourhood.

9 kg. (19.8lbs) Coverage: 184m2 (2000sq. ft.)   Lawn Guardian Beneficial Nematodes Control LAWN‚ÄąGRUBS

Nematodes are resistant to most chemicals, fungicides and insecticides.

Apply May-June & August-October. (Available in Mid May)

Coverage: 2000 to 3000ft2   Green Acres TM 5-1-5

All Season Fertilizer

All-natural alfalfa blend fertilizer. Naturally occurring in alfalfa, triacontanol is known to increase root mass, increase nitrogen assimilation, encourage earlier and stronger tillering, greener and broader leaves

9 kg. (19.8 lbs.) Coverage: 184m2 (2000 sq. ft.)  


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